1. Guaranty of Tech Services

The Video Surveillance Solution is a complex system that combines software installtion, test and Hardware electronics, and due to the hardness of the installation and client managements software, always uptading, so over time it can suffer breakdowns for much quality that the camera/ Recorder has. It is of paramount importance to have the guarantee that the installation company will offer you a PROFESSIONAL and responsible POST-SALES SERVICE.

2. Personal Atention

Our company is composed of young, responsible and with a broad dedication to their work, which from the beginning will focus on solving any doubts and concerns that may arise. It is very normal that after the explanation by the technician, doubts arise, especially with installation and settings. 95% of our clients require our attention during the first months of use of the camera system and continuously they congratulate us for the quick and effective response we give them.


3. Wide experience

Despite our youth we have more than 6 years of experience and about 300 installations in the security solution sector, thanks to this we have acquired a great knowledge of the product, which we have been able to apply to the development and design of our video surveillance systems.

4. Free Inspection Service

We offer the possibility to our future clients to PROVE YOUR products in our facilities. Inspect your products By online Video during the production, in this way they can corroborate insitu the quality and response of the team, and know in person the staff of AANPIRE.


5. ONLINE Service

7 Days x 24hours premium online Services Available.