AANPIRE is founded on April. 2014, with the simple vision of providing innovative designs and solutions for security cameras and Smart Home security solutions.

▪ Business Type: Manufacturer & Trading Since 2014 Verified

▪ Products: Wired IP/ Coaxial Camera,Video recorders, Wireless Home Kits, etc

▪ Capacity: Supply more than 1000pcs cameras/video recorders per month

▪ Top 3 Markets:North America 29.00%, South America 23.00%, Europe 19.00%

▪ Services: 100% QC/ QA, OEM/ ODM (Item/ Hardware/Software/App)

Do the Right Thing

We don't just value honesty and Integrity, we require it.

Have Fun

Life is short, and we spend a lot of it at work. Be happy now, don't wait until you get home.

Play To Win

We invest in Winners, both people and business opportunities.

Biz Guideline: Human-Centered, Honest, Dedicated, Inovative, Benefits Sharing.

Our mission is simple—working with people to create beautiful homes and environments through inspiration and design. Hoping to be a FOXCON in the industry in 2025.

  • SmartHome Surveillance

  • HD-Coaxial Camera

  • Network Camera

  • Video Recorders

  • Cameras kit

  • Accessories


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